About us

I have been working and training and been involved with Arabians since I was 10.  I started rescuing horses years ago, and I love the work and see the transformations of the rescued horses, weather they need weight or watching them come alive out of a bad depressed state. Over the past 5 years I've increased the nunber of  owner surrendered horses I take in. I enjoy being able to help people out of a stressful situation and rescuing the horse before it goes to auction or ends up in the slaughter channel.  


For Years this has been a self-funded adventure but We have just aquired our 501c3 non-profit status. This will allow us to increase our efforts and number of rescues.

Rescuing the horse is only the begining of their transformation. That's why we focus on health, rebuilding thier trust and providing training that will allow them to transition easily to their new family